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The research topic is the seismic vulnerability assessment of historical centres, that is the tendency of urban agglomerates to undergo a determined damage level after high intensity seismic events. The study aims to guarantee substantially the protection of the historical built-up, which represents the cultural and monumental heritage of a city, it being mainly constituted by masonry buildings often designed without seismic provisions. In the major part of cases, these constructions have serious structural deficiencies associated with various phenomena, such as either the lack of a box structural behaviour or the poor global seismic response. In addition, the historical centres are often the result of an uncontrolled planning development, they resulting into a complex configuration which does not allow for the simple identification of structural units. Therefore, a relevant aspect is the division of the masonry block into single components organised according to frequently complex plane and altimetry layouts. From the structural point of view, these buildings, which are often not able to support ordinary load conditions, interact each other if subjected to seismic actions. Consequently, the research activity is predominantly focused on the identification of the worst vulnerability sources in order to implement models that would be able to represent the tendency of constructions to be damaged. Considering the large diffusion of urban centres having historic and cultural value, the set up of a new methodology for the seismic vulnerability assessment should be oriented towards both detailed mechanical analysis, able to evaluate the originality of each study case, and simplified models, which should be based on the careful analysis, classification and critical interpretation of the existing seismic vulnerability evaluation methodologies.


  • COST ACTION C26Urban Habitat Constructions Under Catastrophic Events” European Science Foundation, WG2 “Earthquake resistance”, 2006-2010