• Test in laboratorio sul modello in grande scala della Moschea Mustafa Pasha

  • Simulazione numerica del modello in grande scala della Moschea Mustafa Pasha


This research activity is devoted to the assessment of seismic vulnerability of Mosques, with regard in particular to byzantine constructions erected in Macedonia. A numerical analysis has been implemented to evaluate the seismic vulnerability and to design the strengthening system with FRP. A numerical model was developed for the analysis, which was calibrated and validated on the basis of a wide experimental programme carried out on a large scale model Mustafa Pasha in Skopje with a length scale of 1:6. The model was built at IZIIS Laboratory in Macedonia and the masonry was made of limestone and clay bricks assembled with lime mortar, using the same materials and construction principles of the full scale prototype. The experimental programme was divided in three phases: the testing of the original model (phase I); the testing of the model with strengthened Minaret (phase II); the testing of the strengthened Mosque (phase III). In order to support the experimental investigation, to design the FRP reinforcement and to analyze its effectiveness on the prototype, a finite element analysis was performed on a detailed three dimensional model of the Mosque. In particular, the main aim of the study was to identify the seismic behaviour of the model and to evaluate the effectiveness of FRP strengthening on both the Minaret and the Mosque. The numerical model was used to develop analytical models, based on collapse mechanism analysis, and to validate simplified approaches based on non-linear static analysis. Moreover, the numerical modesl was used to evaluated the effectiveness of different types of strengthening systems and to assess scale effects related to materials and gravity loads.


  • PROHITECH (Earthquake Protection of Historical Building by Reversible Mixed Technologies), 6th Framework Programme on Research, Technological Development and Demonstration. European Commission. Contract number: INCO-CT-2004-509119, WG8 “Numerical Analysis”, 2005-2008.